Loans Changed to Bad Independent Payers



Loans Changed to Bad Independent Payers are non-finalized loans because the applicant is not obliged to declare the reason for the request.

Self-employed workers can apply for a loan that has been changed via internet by filling in a request for an online quote or by going directly to the nearest credit agency.

 The loan, by custom, is paid in the form of a credit to the loan recipient’s current account in a single settlement, except for different agreements made during the stipulation of the contract.

As regards reimbursement, instead, as the name of the loan already says, the self-employed person will refund the sum received by paying bills that are monthly expired. The most used bills are bills of exchange with due dates or bills of exchange. The first bill will be due 60-70 days after the liquidation of the loan.

The repayment period may vary depending on the amount requested and contractual agreements, usually ranging from a minimum of 36 months to a maximum of 120 months.

prestiti cambializzati a cattivi pagatori autonomi

The monthly sum to be repaid provides for amortization at the installment and fixed rate, installment including principal, bill purchase costs, interest rate, contract registration fees and life and job insurance. It is also possible that the agencies apply the costs of preliminary investigation and / or brokerage fees, expenses due to the signing of the contract or deferred monthly in installments due.

The beneficiary of the loan for self-employed persons can choose which bank to support for the payment of bills for reimbursement. A fortnight before the expiry of the monthly payment, the bank will send a payment notice to the address of the beneficiary of the loan so that the autonomous provides for the payment of the installment due. Upon payment, the bank will refund the bill and this will be repeated until the end of the repayment period. The bill is an executive effect, therefore the non-payment of a single effect can generate a common protest procedure.

To underline the advantages of the loan with bills of exchange for self-employed workers that the loan is single-signature, exonerates the beneficiary from the controls of the information systems and can be canceled in advance.